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Jeffrey FleitmanMr. Fleitman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Fleitman was brought up by his parents to always put himself in the shoes of others and to never take advantage of others. Mr. Fleitman was a outstanding high school student and won academic awards and a New York City Regents Scholarship Award. During this time when he was fifteen years old he won his first of twenty national paddle tennis championships and was the youngest champion ever. He also won the National twenty-three and under championship in Platform Tennis. During Mr. Fleitman’s time in (Abraham Lincoln High School) he won the PSAL High School tennis Championship and the Iron Horse award for best athlete in his sport. Mr. Fleitman always attended public school and graduated the College of Staten Island with a degree in Psychology. On the day of his graduation Mr. Fleitman packed his car and moved to California. He had always dreamed about living in California and attending law school there. When he arrived in California he had fifty dollars, no job and no money was coming from his family members. Mr. Fleitman decided to take a job as a headhunter until he could complete his applications to law school. By the time Mr. Fleitman’s applications were completed there were only two ABA approved schools still accepting applications. Mr. Fleitman was accepted to both schools and chose Southwestern School of Law.

He attended Southwestern School of Law at night and worked as a law clerk/paralegal during the day. This schedule left little time for leisure but Mr. Fleitman was determined to reach his goal of becoming a lawyer and fighting for the rights of people who could not protect their own interests. In 1993 he was admitted to the bar and began doing appearances and legal work for other firms. In 1994, Mr. Fleitman lost his father and shortly after that event he decided to open up his own firm. Mr. Fleitman realized that in order to help his clients properly he must treat them as if they were family members whose best interest must never come second and must always be taken into account.

In 1995 Mr. Fleitman opened up his own firm in Santa Monica doing personal injury work and soon amassed a large client base. During that time he began to see many instances of insurance companies taking advantage of individuals and decided that someone needed to stand up for the rights of the individual against these large insurance companies. His early practice areas were Personal Injury and Insurance Law. Shortly after this time he also began practicing employment law, sexual harassment, discrimination, class actions. It became apparent to him that individuals could not get justice unless someone would take up the fight for them.

Here are some mottos I believe in, live by and use in my practice of law:

  • Integrity: The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity.
    Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity…these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time do the right thing.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from the mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein-

  • Determination: Determination is born out of purpose… knowing that you are gifted for something and this something must be attained. It is never enough to rely on luck or natural talent. You must, above all, believe in yourself, face your goals, and then fight as if your life depended on it.
  • Excellence: Excellence is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.
  • Adversity: Adversity does not build character it reveals it.
  • Change: Learn to embrace change and you will begin to recognize that life is in constant motion, and every change happens for a reason. When you see boundaries as opportunitites, the world becomes a limitless place, and your life becomes a journey of change that always finds its way.

The wisdom of our ages and the blood of our heroes has been devoted to the
attainment of trial by jury. It should be the creed of our political faith.”

-Thomas Jefferson- First Inaugural Address 1801

I look forward to being your lawyer.

Jeffrey P. Fleitman

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